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Cookies exempt from prior consent

We use these cookies to make it easier for you to navigate the site, in particular by remembering certain entries or selections so that you do not have to re-enter this information. These cookies cannot, technically, be deactivated from the site. However, you can oppose the use of these cookies, exclusively by configuring your browser. This setting depends on the browser you are using, but it is generally easy to do: in principle, you can either activate a private browsing function or simply prohibit or restrict cookies. Please note that cookies may have been stored on your device before you set your browser settings: in this case, delete your browsing history, again using your browser settings.

List of cookies used and necessary for the operation of the site (exempt from consent)

- PHPSESSID Cookie used once authenticated on the site, allowing to keep the authentication during your navigation on different pages, this cookie expires by itself after 6 months..

- accept_cookies Cookie storing the user's preferences regarding third party cookies, this cookie expires on its own after 6 months.

List of cookies used by third services

- _ga, _gid, _gatEnregistrent un identifiant unique utilisé par les services Google Analytics pour générer des données statistiques sur la navigation de l'utilisateur. Ces informations sont transmises en anonymisant l'utilisateur. Ces informations sont collectées pour mesurer l'audience de notre site, permettre sa maintenance en repérant d'éventuels liens rompus, permettre l'optimisation de son référencement, et sont à l'usage de l'éditeur uniquement. Pour en savoir plus sur les cookies et traceurs, nous vous invitons à consulter le site de la CNIL :

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