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How can AI help content creation?

In this video, you will learn all the features around the edition, and publication of an article generated by AI. The ai generated articles page is composed of 2 sections, an edition section and a visualization section. What you edit will appear directly on the right side. Let's start with the images, our tool will automatically find royalty-free images to enrich your article.

The images are compressed, renamed and contain relevant alt tags for your SEO performance. The image auto selection may not suit you, so you have the choice to import new images from your computer or use the integrated gallery of Pixabay. Let's now focus on the content and start with the structure of the articles. Our articles have an introduction, a table of contents, the main content, 4 sub-parts and a conclusion. If you are not convinced by one of the sections, you can simply edit the title of the section and regenerate the content. The content is editable but doesn't forget to save it.

Once you have made your changes, you can move on to publishing. There are several options available to you: download the entire HTML copy on the clipboard the HTML content included or publish to your WordPress publication. For WordPress, download our plugin from this menu. Once the connection is established, you are ready to link to your site. You will have to select the corresponding site, then choose the category or create it directly from the interface like this. Now choose a date and the article will be published according to your criteria. Thank you for your attention and do not hesitate to contact the support for any request.