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How to use Question Generator Keyword Alerts ?

Carrying out keyword research is time-consuming and hardly accurate over time. According to Pandu Nayak (Google Fellow and Vice President), 15% of searches are new and has never been searched before. People way of searching is in constant mutation so must be an SEO Keyword list. To stay relevant, an SEO Keyword list should be revised every month to follow up on seasonality, new expression, the news … Question Generator is offering a powerful alerting solution to share with its owner all-new content idea found for a keyword on a weekly basis.

Here is a list of the 7 most popular keyword alert tools available : 

  • Google keyword alert
  • Bing keyword alert
  • Keyword alert on Facebook
  • Ebay keyword alert
  • Twitter keyword alert
  • Reddit keyword alert

Why Keyword alerts are so useful for SEO?

To help SEO manager to perform better with their keyword research, created a keyword alert tool that allow anyone to optimise its SEO to :

  • Saving time with their keyword research
  • Keeping their keyword list up to date
  • Insuring to get new relevant content ideas to produce a nice piece of content for their audience
  • Answer new trendy searches before Competitors
  • Get more budget crawl by refreshing content and creating new content

When you are producing an article or a piece of content, it is important for your audience and SEO to deeply cover the subject and refresh the content as much as necessary. Thanks to the Keyword Alerting service offered by Question Generator, SEO managers will get “Every Week” the chance to get more traffic by generating great content for emerging searches. As Google crawling budget is partly based on a predictive algorithm, by updating content regularly or publishing new content constantly new content, Google will

The crawl budget is determined by two main elements: crawl capacity limit and crawl demand.

Google typically spends as much time as necessary crawling a site, given its size, update frequency, page quality, and relevance, compared to other sites. Taking crawl capacity and crawl demand together, Google defines a site’s crawl budget as the set of URLs that Googlebot can and wants to crawl. Even if the crawl capacity limit isn’t reached, if crawl demand is low, Googlebot will crawl your site less.


Why should an SEO manager use QG Keyword Alert Tool?

The Keyword Alert tool is a powerful ally to rank on new search queries! If you are the first website to cover a new trendy topic, you will have a higher chance to get visible on Google. keyword alert service can be activated at a keyword level when you which. You could compare it to an alert you set up to follow local news.

As well, over time, articles or pages of your website can become obsolete but thanks to alerts you will be capable to update your content with accurate and searched information before your competitors.

In October 2019 Pandu Nayak (Google Fellow and Vice President) reaffirms that 15% of searches are new, never been searched before. To offer always relevant search results, Google needed to have a deeper understanding of all new online searches and to parse in a more efficient way the content of a webpage. That was the main reason why back in 2018, Google launched a major update of its algorithm the famous: BERT.

BERT is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), BERT models can consider the full context of a word by looking at the words that come before and after it, particularly useful for understanding the intent behind search queries. Thanks to BERT, Google easily decrypt similar user intentions even if search queries are different. As well, Google can now redirect to a section of a page if he believes it answers the query.


How does the Keyword Alert Tool work on QG?

When you search for a keyword on Question Generator, the platform will proceed with a weekly verification to find new content ideas. In case the platform finds fresh and relevant information for your searched keyword, it will notify all users subscribed to the alert by sending a marketing notification email and will let you know the number of new content ideas found. 

In case you miss one update, you do not have to worry because the Question Generator displays all information found over time about the keyword searched and the date when it was found last. If you look at our keyword suggestion tabs, you will find one named NEW. In this tab, Question Generator displays the data found on its very last search. This is a very valuable tab to follow up in order to be the first ones aware of new online research rising.


How to set up a Keyword alert on QG?

To set up a keyword alert, you need to go to the keyword idea search result pages. There you will find an option to receive alerts. Press the button and if the platform finds a new idea, it will notify you on a weekly basis.


Where can I check all my Keyword alerts list on ?

To find all your keyword alerts, there is a link on the top menu “All Alerts”. Follow the link and you will discover all the alerts to which you subscribed. 

As well you will be able to verify the last scan date as well as the last volume of new ideas found.

You just need to click on the button “Manage alert” to get redirected to the search keyword page and verify all new content found in the tab “New”. 


How can to unsubscribe to a keyword alert?

Once you subscribe to the keyword email notification, you can unsubscribe anytime. To unsubscribe, you need to go back to the keyword search result page and update the notification status. In all our emails, you will find a like to the keyword page or you can connect to the platformer and check the keyword alert list to find the alert you like to opt out from.


Why does using alerts improves your Content Marketing strategy?

  • keyword alert tool will inform you and help you make decisions faster than your competitors
  • Your content or Content Hub will stay updated and focus on relevant searched information over time
  • You will adapt your content strategy during seasonality and change in the society like COVID

How to use keyword alert to monitor my brand or competitors?

An SEO manager can use Question Generator search engine to monitor its brand or its competitors. To proceed, we do recommend establishing the monitoring with :

  • brand name (ex : Google)
  • brand name + keyword (Google Alerts)

How to use keyword alerts to find new content ideas for SEO and Content marketing strategy?