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Make AI Content that Rank with Question Generator

Today we are introducing our new article edition template, allowing you to add or remove content blocks as needed. This template also provides essential SEO data to help your content rank high and quickly on Google.

Let's explore the features and understand why our content edition tool can become your best SEO ally! On the left side of the page, you'll find the edition part, and on the right side, you'll find the SEO data we've collected for you.

For each article generated by Question Generator, the application scans Google to collect useful SEO data. This includes the top 10 Google search results, important keywords to incorporate into your article, and content ideas to help inspire you and complete your article.

These three informational blocks are a goldmine of information to help your article rank high on Google and please your readers. With the top 10, you can view your competitors and gain inspiration. Click on the link and copy the titles that you find useful.

We also include a list of important keywords that your competitors are using. Include them in your content, if it's relevant. We suggest also looking for synonyms. Finally, you have great content ideas from Google search results. Add them to your content, customize it to your article, and generate content.

This new content edition template is a game-changer for your SEO strategy. Use it as much as possible to make your AI articles shine in the top 10 of Google!