The amazing power of Video for SEO and Google Indexing

In this video, you will uncover the secret of utilizing video to enhance your SEO strategy and speed up your indexation. First, let's investigate why it is becoming increasingly important to use video to rank on SEO.

Videos are more and more popular in Google Search Results

We are all aware that Google is customizing its search results according to the search habits of people. The rise of video content in search results implies that people are increasingly seeking out answers from videos. This is especially true for queries such as “How to”. You can observe the prevalence of videos in the Google search results for the query "How to dress for a party" by watching our YouTube video.

Google Video indexing report in Google Search Console

Starting in July 2022, a new report appeared on Google Search Console: The Video indexing report. If you have connected your site to Google Search Console, you'll be able to know if the video of your site is indexed or not, and of course the main reason. This is another signal you should follow to understand the growing importance of video For Google as a ranking factor.

Google MUM new algorithm is analysing Text and Media

According to the site Search Engine Land, the introduction of the Google MUM algorithm marks the next major shift for Google search after Hummingbird, Rankbrain, and BERT. The aim of MUM is to use one single model for all tasks related to indexing, information retrieval, and ranking. MUM is capable of processing multiple languages and different media formats to answer queries. In addition to text, MUM is also able to comprehend images, videos, and audio files.

Engage the audience and decrease the bounce rate

We need to understand that not only text can help us rank, but videos, images, and audio files as well. Therefore, why not incorporate video into our content? Moreover, relevant videos can engage our audience and decrease our bounce rate, which is a great ranking signal for Google.

More space taken in your SEO strategy

The last great benefit of image / video indexing is that your URL will be indexed in three tabs of Google search results : All / Image / Video. The more space you take in the search results the more opportunity you have to drive SEO Traffic.

Indexing new content in less than 47 minutes !

In this video, you understood the importance of video for your SEO. We did an indexing test of AI-generated content and we managed to index an article that included a YouTube video in 47 minutes! This is a major step forward for your articles to index quickly, almost as fast as a media.